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Sell or lease your property!

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Do you want to sell your home quickly and safely? Do you have many questions but few answers? The APA will take take care of it for you. In addition to a wide customer base, we have all the know-how to assess the real price of your property and to deliver you, personally, all the information you need to sell it safely and effectively.

We also offer you the possibility to divulge and promote your property in new communication channels that will make it possible to sell your home in a "click".

Do you know all the steps you need to take for selling your propertie? Are you  unsure how to deal with the paperwork? Forget red tape, we are with you from the first to the last moment.

We promote and value your property

“To promote and value” is our motto. Using the best analog and digital communication channels, we offer you a wide range of choices that will facilitate your life when buying or selling home.

- Professional Photo Reportage
- Promotional Video
- Highlights and ads on social networks
- APA Real Estate Website
- APA Real Estate Newsletter
- Product Marketing
- Logistical support, legal and professional
- Financing Solutions
- Customer Validation